Comparing Gay Marriage to Doughnuts? Really!?

So, this latest meme is making its way around the internet and into the laps of happy liberals everywhere who support the ‘gay-genda’ that is currently steamrolling through every political/social system to push for gay marriage (same sex unions).

At first glance, this may seem like excellent syllogism and/or didactic logic.  But on closer examination, the maxim fails to lend any dignity to homosexual ’causes’ and that are heralded as deserving of acceptance.

So, if one must stick with this whole ‘doughnut’ (or donut) euphemism, I have this to offer on behalf of classical Christian believers who do not think that everything being tolerated/promoted by ‘free society’ is necessarily good:

1. Just because donuts exist doesn’t mean they’re the best option for anyone – that which God (or if you’re an atheist, ‘nature’) provided in abundance and which in of itself gives birth to more natural goodness has always been seen as the logical choice.

2. If asked, “Why do you seem so fit?” by a donut-eater, you shouldn’t fear speaking your mind about your having chosen a healthier diet over say, donuts.  You can state kindly that under the advisement of THE Doctor, not eating donuts appears to be the safer and/or default option.

3. Donut eaters weren’t born donut eaters – someone offered them at one time to ‘stick this in your mouth – you’ll love it’ or was told, “It’s okay to eat donuts – almost everyone I know has had one” and then became hooked due to the addictive characteristics of fake food.

4. Donuts should never be classed as ‘Real Nutrition’ and anyone advocating that they are ‘Real Nutrition’ may be sincere in their beliefs about donuts being good for them, but is sincerely deluded nonetheless.

5. If you’re a healthy individual, you can feel compassion for those eating donuts; just maybe keep your comments to yourself if the donut-eaters aren’t looking for commentary on their eating habits.  A donut-eater may possibly come to know, when it’s their time, that donuts aren’t the best choice for them.

In Him who is True,
The Son He Loves


About thesonheloves

"...because the Lord disciplines those he loves, and he punishes everyone he accepts as a son." Hebrews 12:6
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35 Responses to Comparing Gay Marriage to Doughnuts? Really!?

  1. Wow.

    You are bat shit crazy.

  2. Imago Dei says:

    “Claiming that someone else’s marriage is against your religion is like being angry at someone for eating a donut because your’re on a diet.”

    I see what is trying to be said here, but one has to get past the lack of syllogism in the statement that has reduced it to being a non-sequitur or a statement that draws an illogical conclusion.

    Firstly, to ‘claim’ something is to assert an opinion or fact based on known truth or one’s belief. To be angry is to exhibit a characteristic of wrath against a particular object. In trying to equalize both sides of this prosaic rather than provocative equation (i.e., to say this is to say that), this writer has presupposed that the ‘claim’ is more than a statement of fact but a statement of fact based on an emotional stance. This suggests a heavy judgment on the part of the statement writer.

    The above statement also implies that the claimer is in a state of rage because their ‘diet’ (of preference and/or ethics) precludes them from eating donuts that otherwise they would be eating. If the writer is indeed (and I think he most probably is) using this euphemism to slag faith-based ethics versus gay rights, then he is AGAIN presupposing that the dieter would, in all likelihood, be or become a donut-eater if not for the diet. Now that is some mind boggling, faith-based thinking!

  3. Two points you missed addressing:

    –Why do you assume everyone who eats donuts abuses them? It is possible to eat any food to unhealthy excess. Abuse of any food, in this context, would equate to casual sex. Responsible donut-eaters– have you NEVER seen a person who appears physically fit eat a donut once in a while? Have YOU never eaten a donut ever in your life?– would equate to those in monogamous relationships or who conduct their single dating lives in a responsible fashion. So why work to discourage responsible donut-eating?

    –You’ve failed to even address the question of why society should outlaw donuts– by constitutional amendment or state law– which would be the analogous situation to that faced by those seeking to marry their gay partners.

    –Bonus point: I bet you know of someone in the tradition of Christianity who often spoke in terms of analogy, for example, speaking of fishermen when he was actually speaking of spiritual teachers. Hint: he’s the guy the religion is named after. And no, I’m not comparing the donut quote to the quality of Biblical prose. I’m simply observing that analogy is a valid tool for inciting people to think further on an issue.

  4. ktpeacemommy says:

    All the comments have shown, combined with the article, is what a ridiculous comparison the two really are. Little quotes like this usually are.

  5. ktpeacemommy says:

    It should be noted the author was not debating whether or not to outlaw gay marriage. He was pointing out the ridiculousness of the analogy, which the comments have done nothing but support. So no, he didn’t address why we should outlaw donuts or anything else. Analogis are excellent for helping understand a difficult topic. But while this will spark some excellent discussions on the topic, it does not explain why gay marriages should be allowed. It does nothing to actually further the discussion other than say, “stop whining”

  6. Cynthia says:

    Love, Love, Love this. I’ll be sharing it with all my friends. Thank you!

  7. manadely says:

    There’s a problem with every bullet in your rebuttal. Not everyone that eats donuts are unhealthy. Very healthy people can have a donut every so often (if they like donuts) and not be any worse off for it at all. The point is, healthy or not, it’s not for anyone to decide FOR anyone else. If you cant eat donuts because you’re unhealthy, or have an addictive personality and will become unhealthy by having them, then you don’t have to. If someone who say, runs every day, eats well most of the time and is stays very active, can go ahead and have a donut every few days for breakfast if they would enjoy it. And it doesn’t make them any less healthy.

    • ktpeacemommy says:

      Your rebuttal hardly shows why there is something wrong with every bullet point. Only that you can eat the occasional doughnut and still be healthy. But you are still going on the premise that doughnuts themselves are not healthy and thus to over indulge is a bad thing. That doughnuts should only be eaten rarely, and only when using more healthier practices. Which is the point the author makes here, that this metaphor/saying/whatever you want to call it does not do much to promote gay marriage when you really break it down.

    • Ben says:

      Totally agreed! The writer and a lot of the comments here sounds Iike it’s from self-righteous, redneck ‘Bible obsessed’ individuals! Which btw was written by MEN! Who the hell are we to judge what is right or wrong for others. Mr doughnut here seems like he is convinced that he’s going to heaven. Like he’s been having a chat with God each day confirming his believes are the truth and nothing but the truth! In terms of choosing whether or not you want the doughnut, the writer obviously need to get out of his damnn shell and learn a lot of things! But as they say, the trouble with close minded people is they always have something to say. And that is very unfortunate!

  8. The Fluffy Free Fanciful Floof says:

    I actually think it was supposed to be funny.

  9. David James says:

    You are the dumbest person that I have ever reached on the internet! You are joking right? Do you realize that 90 percent of the country laughs at people like you? MORON!!!! keep praying, you’ll need it to make up for your hate!

  10. AndyC says:

    Y’all are missing the point. The analogy might equally have been “Being angry that someone else wants to own a Porsche when you can’t have one” or “Someone else enjoying the color green when you can’t stand it yourself” or “How dare they have sugar when I’m a diabetic!”.

    In case you still don’t get it: it’s not about what you want. The issue of gay marriage is about *them* and *their* life – not yours. Stop trying to impose your own world-view on others and interfering in their relationships when it – quite literally – has nothing to do with you.

    And if it even matters – I’m a straight, conservative male.

    • KM says:

      Thank you.

      I can’t believe people are seriously arguing about the doughnut. It’s ridiculous – the analogy would work if it had been “eat fewer calories than they expend” which is plainly not healthy longterm, either. It’s just that that aspect is irrelevant. The point of the analogy isn’t the diet or food, it’s the forcing others to live by a set of beliefs they do not share.

      And a straight, married mother here. Just one who believes people should be allowed to live as they think right, if they do so with respect for others.

    • Susan says:

      Brilliant reply. Nail. Meet head.

    • Swissjew says:

      I am also a straight, conservative male, and I say that this is a flawed analogy. You can’t compare Religious Freedom to eating doughnuts. Why? Because it trivializes Religious Freedom. Christians invented marriage, and the SCOTUS has no moral authority to re-define it. Speaking as a Paralegal, I can also state that they have no legal authority to re-define it. You say that “it has nothing to do with you,” but it does when I am asked, even TOLD to compromise my religious beliefs

  11. anonymous doofuss says:

    Whoever wrote this post has no ability to read for comprehension. The comment has nothing to do with anything you wrote. Logic eludes you miserably.

  12. zzzz says:

    What i dont understand is that why can’t people, such as the fine folks who wrote this, MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS!! You can’t tell people who they love so stop. Just stop.

  13. daniel sosa says:

    Your full of shit and if anything you shod burn in hell for fucking with some ones happiness none asked for your fucking opinion so fuck you. You judgmental asshole.

  14. Dumbledoresrights says:

    Thank you for the people in this world who understand its not actually about the whole doughnut analogy. Really, writing an entire article on an analogy? That is quite beside the point. The point is that no one has any right to tell anyone who they should love or be attracted to, or heck, of we’re talking about the analogy, you can’t tell anyone what food to eat! No one can help it if they’re different, and we shouldn’t be trying to change differences. Why does it matter to you what anyone chooses to do with their life?! Their life will not impact yours, but if we decide that we can controll others’ lives, their lives will be impacted. Love is love. And is a beauty in any form.

  15. idogiam says:

    So when did you choose to be straight? Also, for fuck’s sake – homosexuality is mentioned about four times in the Bible. Jesus instructed people to love each other, not to argue over semantics and force their beliefs on others. In fact, he hated the people who did that – the Pharisees. Today’s Christian church, the people who protest loudly about others’ actions and hate people because they live differently, the people who have divided into a million different sects based on tiny differences – you are the Pharisees. And your campaign of hatred and superiority will get you nowhere.

  16. Equality says:

    You are a special kind of stupid.

  17. Ava Smith says:

    This meme is referring to those who are trying to make gay marriage illegal:

    It’s great you’re on a diet, and the donut may be less healthy for me, but you don’t take away my donut because you have a personal objection about it.

    In the same way, saying that gay marriage should be illegal due to your personal religious beliefs is unjustified. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean that others should go out of their way for you.

  18. Me Skitzo says:

    You failed. The meme is valid. As can an employer fire a person for eating donuts? Are donut eaters denied adoption rights? Are marriage licenses only given to non-donut eaters.

    So yeah – all the above things you said are fine. But proble aren’t just saying not being gay is healthier (it’s not fyi) gay were being denied rights.
    Anyway Freedom won 6/26/2015 🙂

  19. Jesuslovesme says:

    Why do you care where someone puts their private parts, and with whom? Jesus doesn’t care, fool. Damn, you must have way too much free time on your hands.

  20. So what you’re saying is that donuts aren’t a perfect analogy for same-sex marriage? I’ll quite easily concede that.

    But did you get the point of the analogy?

  21. Anonymous says:

    How about this – your religion doesn’t get to police anyone but those who subscribe to its ideal. You don’t have to get married to someone of the same gender if your religion tells you its bad – but you don’t get to tell the rest of society to follow your primitive ideas either.

  22. GhostFlame says:

    But what if you’re an atheist who doesn’t like gay marriage, and you’re not on a diet?

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